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Tell me, what does your team need?

1. High-quality sublimation printing

2. Excellent garments with strong seam lining

3. Affordable, inexpensive prices* which even you and your team mates can afford

4. Different collars possible

5. Different names on the back

6. A sample of one single rugby shirt, shorts, socks or kit is possible

7. Different jersey numbers on the back

8. Fitting: Tight Fit or Loose Fit

9. Elastic waistband with silicone tape in shorts ánd shirts (anti-slip)

10. Socks: well-knitted, long, knee-high

11. Shipping included

12. Orders over €1000,- ? A sample fee can be refunded!


Inexpensive prices for rugby wear, how come? Well, that's because you're paying a single (bloody hard-working) freelancer with 16 (!) yrs experience in sportswear design and 11 yrs in marketing. Yup, it's just me and my silly cat :). So no big company, no multi-headed departments with staff, rent and lots of other things to pay. That's why I can offer such low prices to rugby players, rugby teams and rugby clubs. Wanna collab?

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Ghislaine Lesage sportkleding ontwerper
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