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Rugby tournament coming up? Wanna look fancy on rugby training? Looking for a stunning gift for a rugby friend? Get yourself, him or her this awesome rugby kit!


The design of this sportswear is characterized by a fancy out-of-the-box Army theme and has a fun army print with camouflage colors in yellow, white, purple and pink. The socks have a nice camouflage pattern with the same design. Another cool feature about this rugby outfit, is the chest logo 'Elite Forces' on the front and shorts and the patchwork on the sleeves. Can you spot the leopard and tiger print, too? ;)


This rugby outfit consists of a high-quality tight fit rugby shirt and shorts. The print on the shorts and shirt is produced via digital sublimation printing - so the design will stay beautiful, match after match! These rugby shorts have an elastic waistline and silicon tape for anti-slip purposes. The fabric of both the shirt as shorts is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This makes it breathable, quick to dry, comfortable and can handle any rugby move.



Rugby shirts are available as womens, mens AND kids! Still having size struggles after downloading the sizing sheet? Keep reference 'B' (chest and waist) as your main reference.


  • Shirt: XXS to XXXXL (4XL) if you're a rugby girl, teenager or woman
  • Shorts: XS to XXXXL (4XL)


  • Shirt: XS to XXXL (3XL) for every rugby boy, teen or man.
  • Shorts: XS to XXXXL (4XL)


  • Shirt: XXXS (3XS) to XL
  • Shorts: XXXS (3XS) to XL


So there's a rugby kit for every rugby player! :)



If you're looking for an awesome rugby outfit to stand out from the crowd on training, on the pitch or even in the gym doing your rugby exercises, this is your call! For only €64,95 this single player's kit is yours, free shipping included. - You can even choose your very own jersey number on the back! Whoa, where can I order this rugby outfit?!

Elite Forces Soldier | Rugby set

  • Since Sportswear Design is a service and webshop with custom made design teamkits and single player's kits by pre-order only, we don't take returns.


    So when you order a rugby kit (shirt, shorts and socks), make sure you choose wisely via our sizing sheets for men, women and kids. These sizing sheets can be found and downloaded on our webshop page.


    Thank you for your understanding! Lots of rugby love,



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