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Rugby tournament coming up? Wanna look fancy on rugby training? Looking for a stunning gift for a rugby friend? Get yourself, him or her these awesome rugby socks!



The design of these sports socks is characterized by a wonderful Alice in Wonderland theme with a typical fantasy-like pattern. Do you recognize the cool print of playing cards with hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds? The colors are brown/red and white and the calves has a nice black text reading 'RUGBY WONDER'. Amazing, right?


These rugby socks are of high-quality fabric and very well knitted.

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat & Rabbit | Knitted rugby socks | Medium-high

  • Since Sportswear Design is a service and webshop with custom made design teamkits and single player's kits by pre-order only, we don't take returns.


    So when you order a rugby kit (shirt, shorts and socks), make sure you choose wisely via our sizing sheets for men, women and kids. These sizing sheets can be found and downloaded on our webshop page.


    Thank you for your understanding! Lots of rugby love,



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